Did you think that good wine produced in Norway was impossible? With knowledge, dedication and accuracy in every aspect, we can make quality wines also here in the north. It is about choosing vine plants that are suitable for Norwegian conditions. Here we can not grow nebbiolo or merlot, but hardy grapes like solaris, rondo and bolero trives very well in our climate.
With many sunny hours throughout the summer and cool nights in the fall, we can have exciting and unique flavors. The plants must be maintained and pruned correctly, and the crop must be harvested at the right time.

The grapes are quality controlled and hand-picked, making only the best wines. The vinification process is monitored closely with logging, measurements and controls from start to finish.
      The result are good and exciting wines, which seemed to delight the many dedicated and pleasant visitors (800) who came to se us at the Drammen Wine Festival in 2017. The goal is to offer for sale the wine that we produce  2018/2019.

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